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Subscription Box

Curated gift boxes designed to support grieving children and teens

Children and youth grieve differently.

Whether the loss of a pet, a beloved family member, or a member of their community, young people need information, comfort and support that is tailored to their unique developmental needs. As a society, we don't always know how to respond to a child who is grieving, and so we have curated gift boxes and comfort items to help you show up for the young people in your lives, so that they will feel seen and supported in their grief.


Choose from a selection of curated gift boxes for preschoolers, school-aged children, and teens. Included in each is a therapeutic art activity, a sensory comfort item, and a personalized note from you. Some gift boxes include our recommended books for children and teens that address grief and loss in simple terms and with truthful and nondenominational language. 



Design your own gift from our selection of a la carte items to create the perfect combination for your loved one. Or add a comfort item to our curated gift boxes. Contact us by email for personalized support so you can feel confident about your purchase.



Our newest craft kit is a wooden mosaic heart ornament  that was custom made for With Love. Laser cut from Baltic Birch, this beautiful hanging heart can be used in so many different ways to express love, gratitude, and the many different feelings that accompany the loss of a loved one. 

mosaic heart ornament in box.JPG


Support your loved ones through the difficult first year after a loss with our Bundles. A seasonal gift box will be sent every four months, recognizing that grief is on-going and is often the hardest during the first year after a loss, and especially at transition times and seasonal "firsts".


We love to support hospitals, child life departments, hospices, schools, agencies and groups to support young people with grief and loss. Contact us via email to receive our bulk order price list for your organization or group!


We received the most thoughtful gift when our dog died. The kids loved the idea of making this amazing memory box and are excited to plant the seed papers on our dogs' memorial site. I obviously love all of it and find comfort in knowing that it's not just me that takes the death of a pet really hard.

I just heard from my loved ones, they received their package yesterday and are blown away.  My girlfriend shared that the whole family cried and felt so deeply cared for and seen. She shared that every single element, from packaging to the items inside held deep feeling intention and care. I wanted to share her reflection with you, and celebrate the profound effects of what you are offering families. Thank you, thank you. 

As a friend of someone that experienced a great loss, I’m so grateful to With Love for having thoughtful items to send to those dealing with that loss that are so much more meaningful than just sending flowers. It can be so hard to want to acknowledge the grief of losing someone, and not know what to do. With Love fills that void completely and there are so many options.


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