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This summer gift box is designed to comfort school-aged children who would benefit from some extra love and care this season. Seasonal gift boxes include a sensory comfort item and therapeutic art activity and are meant to communicate comfort and care to a young person for any reason. Grief is on-going, but typically support for grievers can slow down in the weeks and months following a death. Sending a gift at a transitional time recognizes a child's grief and let's them feel seen and valued, especially during the difficult "firsts" after a loss, such as birthdates, anniversaries, graduations, and summer holidays.


This special summer gift box contains a rainbow capiz shell wind chime, a terra cotta flower pot, plantable seed papers and a set of acrylic paints and a paint brush. The beautiful windchime creates a delicate and relaxing sound. The child can decorate the plant pot with acrylic paint, and plant the seed paper inside to grow their own wildflowers. The child can write on the paper before planting, expressing a special memory or message for their loved one.


Adult supervision is recommended.





Summer Gift Box

SKU: 00002
  • Rainbow Shell Windchimes

    This 65cm long windchime is made of multi-colour capiz shells that are suspended downward in a chandelier shape from a circle of albizia wood. This colourful rainbow shell chime can be hung somewhere special for children to listen to the relaxing sounds of the chimes, feel comfort as they think of their loved one and remind them that they are loved.


    Terra Cotta Flower Pot

    A 10" terra cotta flower pot to be used to plant the seed paper in. Can be decorated with the paints included, as well as anything else a child might like to decorate it with.


    Plantable Seed Paper

    Four 3"x3" squares of colourful plantable seed paper that will grow into beautiful wildflowers. Use the seed paper to plant in the flower pot, or plant them somewhere special such as a garden, park, or gravesite. Children can write a special memory or message to their loved one on the paper before planting.

    To use, wet the seed paper and fold or tear into pieces. Fill the flower pot 2/3 full with soil, add the wet seed paper, and cover with al 1/8" layer of soil. Place it in a sunny spot, and water it well. Watch the beautiful wildflowers grow while remembering a loved one.


    Paint Pots and Paint Brush

    An assortment of matte acrylic paint pots and an accompanying brush to be used to decorate the flower pot, and to help children express their creativity.


    Personalized With Love Notecard

    A blank 4x6 signature With Love notecard that can be personalized with a note from you.  If mailing gift box directly to the recipient, we will handwrite your personal note on the card prior to packaging and shipping. Please indicate a personalized message in the custom text box that you would like included.


    Welcome to your Giftbox Information Card

    An information card is included with the gift box to explain the contents and their intended use to the recipient. Also included on the information card is an instructional calming breath activity for children.

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