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  • I'm not sure which gift box to purchase. Can you help me decide on the right one?
    Absolutely! We are trained in child development and have extensive experience supporting children and teens with grief. Please contact us with your questions via email at and we would be happy to help you select the right products to meet the recipient's needs.
  • There are multiple children in the family I am purchasing a gift box for. Do I need to purchase a separate box for each individual child?
    Although each grief gift box is designed for an individual child or teen, we do offer the option of purchasing select add-ons in specific gift boxes. You can find this option on select product pages when available. A la carte options are also available for smaller, individual gifts or as an addition to a gift box.
  • I'm not sure what to write in my personalized notecard. Can you help me with this?
    It can be hard to find the words when writing a personalized note to a greiving child or teen. We would be honoured to help support you in finding the right words to say in your card. Please contact us at for support with this.
  • When is the best time to send a child or teen a grief gift box?
    Any time! Grief is a process that doesn't ever end, and it is important that children and teens' grief is acknowledged and supported over time. Well-meaning loved ones tend to show support right after a death, but that support tends to slow down in the following weeks and months, which is in fact when children and teens need it most as that is when they begin to process the death and how it has affected their lives. Sympathy gifts are appropriate when a death occurs, as well as in the weeks and months afterward. There may be specific dates that are particularily hard for a child or teen, such as their own birthday, their loved one's birthday, the anniversary of the death, the first day of school, and special holidays, when a gift and a caring note would be meaningful as well. Our First Year bundles offers either four or five gift boxes - one for every season of the year. This allows the giver to acknowledge the difficult seasons throughout the first year of grief, which is often the most difficult. Seasonal gift boxes can also be purchased separately.
  • How do you package With Love gift boxes?
    Each gift box is thoughtfully hand packaged with love. The box contents will be packaged in crinkle and tissue paper, and include a welcome to your gift box information sheet, and a personalized notecard. Individual a la carte items may be packaged in a soft mailer with tissue paper.
  • How do you select the products for each box?
    Each gift box is thoughtfully and thoroughly researched in order to assure you that we are supplying you with a product that will comfort and support the developmental needs of grieving children and teens. It is important to us that our products have a therapeutic purpose, and each has been handpicked with that in mind.
  • Do you include shipping invoices and payment details in the packages?
    Your reciept will be emailed to you directly. No shipping invoice or payment receipts will be included in the gift box itself due to the nature of the product.
  • Can I mix and match items from different gift boxes?
    Unfortuntatly we do not offer the option to mix and match items from different gift boxes. We do offer the option to add on specific items in selelcted gift boxes if you are purchasing a gift box for a family in which there are more than one child. It is important to us that each gift box has a therapeutic purpose, and as a result, each has specifically curated items with that in mind. However, some of our gift items are available a la carte for purchase individually, without the need to order a gift box. Feel free to design a gift that would suit your needs from these items, and we will wrap them in our signature packaging. Feel free to contact us if you need any help choosing from these options.
  • Can I purchase boxes for my school / hospice / funeral home / agency?
    Of course! Please contact us by email at for bulk order inquiries or for help in supporting your agency's needs.
  • Do you offer free shipping?
    Unfortunately, we do not offer free shipping at this time. Orders are shipped using standard flat rate shipping rates depending on which area you are shipping to within 3-5 business days upon receiving your order. Free local pick up is available in North Burnaby or Delta, BC. Please contact us at for specific pick up locations. Please note that due to COVID-19 restrictions in some areas, some orders are taking longer than anticipated in transit.
  • Do you accept international orders?
    At the moment, we are shipping within Canada and the United States only. Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing a gift that would require international shipping and we would be happy to send you a quote.
  • Do you offer corporate gifting options?
    Yes, we are happy to put together a custom sympathy gift to meet your specific needs. Please contact us via email at to discuss options.
  • Where are you located?
    We are a small female-run business located in Vancouver, BC, Canada.
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