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We are Nicki Elischer and Amanda Lascelle; friends, coworkers and moms from Vancouver, BC, Canada who are passionate about  supporting and advocating for children and youth experiencing grief and loss.


Each grief journey is a unique and personal experience. We want to be there for the young people in our lives, but all too often we are at a loss of what to do to help them with their grief. Many well-meaning adults have a difficult time addressing issues around grief and loss in children's and youth's lives, because of their own grief journey, or in an attempt to shelter them from sad or difficult feelings. Although it's not easy, it is important for children and youth to have space to talk about and express their emotions, and to have their grief witnessed and supported.

Through our professional and personal experiences, we have come to recognize the need to better support children and youth in their grief. We are often approached by parents who ask us how they can support their child, their niece, or the friend on the soccer team, who has just experienced a significant loss, and we have realized that it is much too difficult to find that information when it's needed. In creating With Love gift boxes, we hope to provide some information, resources, and a tangible means by which to support children and youth experiencing grief and loss. By offering a thoughtful and supportive gift, you will provide them with a therapeutic way to express emotions, to remember their loved ones, and most importantly, to let them know that they are loved. 



Nicki Elischer

Nicki is a Certified Child Life Specialist, Registered Clinical Counselor and an Art Therapist. She has a private art therapy practice in Vancouver BC ( and lives with her husband and three children.

Amanda Lascelle

Amanda is a Certified Child Life Specialist with a Master's Degree in Child Life and Family Centered Care. She works as a Child Life Specialist at a pediatric hospital where she has worked to support children, youth and families coping with hospitalization, illness, grief and loss for over 18 years. Amanda lives in Vancouver, BC with her husband and two boys. 

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