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Large Orders for your Organization or Group

We are happy to support your hospital, hospice, school, daycare centre, child life department, cancer agency, or grief support group with comfort gifts, therapeutic activities and legacy art kits. These items can be used to support coping with separations, anticipatory loss, grief and the hospitalization or illness of self, sibling or parent.

Connect with us at and we will send you our bulk order price list. Discounts apply for orders over $150


We love to support caregivers, frontline staff, and organizations who serve children and families who encounter grief and loss. The comfort gifts and therapeutic and legacy activities that we have developed and sourced have come from our own experience using these items with the families that we have had the privilege of supporting, as well as our imaginary Wishlist of things that we wish we could have had on hand without time or budget constraints. 

We know firsthand that comfort items need to be meaningful and accessible, and that they can have a lasting impact on the individuals who receive them, as well as on the staff who offer them.


Therapeutic and legacy building activities can be done at the bedside in hospice, in hospital, at school, or in a support group. Kits are individually packed in cotton bags so that they are ready to go for a child or group.

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