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This box is designed specifically for school-aged children who have lost a parent or primary caregiver or immediate family member. Included in this gift box is the book One Wave at a Time, 2  bottles with an assorted selection of coloured sand and funnel to fill the bottles, a mini bath bomb, one handmade felted heart in a cotton carry bag, a personalized notecard, and an information card to explain how to best use the box. 

Feel & Create (School-age)

  • One Wave at a Time by Holly Thompson

    This book is about a boy whose father has died. He describes his feelings as many coloured waves that wash over him, sometimes without warning. This book normalizes the many different emotions that accompany grief, and that the journey of grieving can take time.


    Sand Art Craft

    A sand art activity that expresses our many coloured feelings. Just like the boy in the story, grief causes us to have many different feelings, and often more than one feeling at the same time. This activity offers children the opportunity to label and to express their many feelings in the form of a layered sand bottle. Children can pour the sand into the bottle in layers, creating beautiful coloured waves. This activity is calming, sensory, and expressive, and provides a safe and concete way to externalize, represent and communicate difficult feelings.


    Mini Heart Bath Bomb

    This fresh smelling 55g mini size bath bomb is from Wet Coast Naturals located in Vancouver, BC. A refreshing blend of pine, fir, cedar oils and peppermint, this bath bomb can be dropped into a warm bath to help you relax and feel calm as you watch it fiz and bubble. 

    Please note bath bombs appearance and exact size will vary from product to product. Wet Coast Naturals bath bombs are shrinkwrapped in Biolefin, a 100% biodegradable plastic shrink wrap that does not degrade into microplastics. Not for internal use. Please store bath bombs in a cool/dry place and out of reach of small children.

    Ingredients: Sodium bicarbonate, Citris Acid, Kaolin, Water, Proprietary EO/FO blend, Caprylic/capric triglycerides, Polysorbate 80, Natural Colourants


    Felted Pocket Heart in Cotton Carry Bag

    Each box contains one handmade felted pocket heart of various colours in a small cotton carry bag. This small colourful heart can be used as a sensory touchstone for children to hold, as well as a visual reminder that they are loved. Because of the unique, handmade nature of this product, minor irregularities may occur between products.


    Personalized With Love Notecard

    A blank 4x6 signature With Love notecard that can be personalized with a note from you. If mailing gift box directly to the recipient, we will handwrite your personal note on the card prior to packaging and shipping. Please indicate in the custom text field if you would like to keep it blank to personalize it yourself.


    Welcome to your Giftbox Information Card

    An information card is included with the gift box to explain the contents and their intended use to the recipient.

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