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The spring gift box is a beautiful gift for a school-aged child who is missing someone this season. Seasonal gift boxes are comfort gifts that acknowledge that certain times of the year are extra difficult for children who are greiving, such as Mother's Day, Father's Day, Family Day, Spring Break, and others. A comfort gift recognizes and validates a child's feelings of grief and lets them know that they are loved and cared about. 


This special spring gift box contains a fresh smelling bath bomb to provide a soothing sensory experience; a heishi bead and alphabet bead set to make personalized bracelets with a loved ones name and a heartfelt message; and a journal and set of two gel pens for writing down thoughts and feelings.


Beading is a simple and stress relieving activity, and provides a therapeutic outlet for talking about their feelings. Children can choose different coloured beads that relate to memories they have of a loved one and use the letters provided to spell out a special message. When the bracelet is finished, children will have a personalized keepsake that they can wear or keep close to remind them of a loved one. Each bead set comes with letters that spell that message: I LOVE YOU FOREVER. You can also request up to three additional words of your choice to be included, such as a child's name, or the name of a loved one who is missed. Please indicate what words you would like to include in the custom field text box with your order. 


Adult supervision is recommended. Each With Love package comes with a signature notecard that can be personalized. Please indicate your personalized message in the custom text box if you would like this included.

Spring Gift Box

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