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Why Sensory Comfort Items are our Go-To for Grief

Each of our gift boxes includes a sensory comfort item, or what we might consider to be “self-care” for kids. Just as our books provide developmentally appropriate information about loss, and our art activities provide a chance for expressing and processing emotions, we also wanted to give children something that feels good to them – the equivalent of a big deep breath. To do that, we chose items that appeal to and calm the 5 senses. Beautiful and tactile things that will bring children back into their bodies and momentarily away from fears or worries.

The felted hearts, Jasper stone, and Quartz and Turquoise heart stones act as physical touchstones that serve to ground and center us. They are different sizes, shapes and materials to provide a range of physical sensations. They act as a sensory touchstone for children to carry with them in their pocket and to hold when they need a bit of courage, or a reminder that they are loved. They act as a “transitional object”, which is a technical word for something symbolic that helps us through difficult times, the way a young toddler might use a blanket or lovey as a stand-in for a caregiver or a reminder of home. As such, a felted heart or pocket stone can act as the connection or the anchor that a child of any age might need to get through the day when missing a loved one.

The mini heart bath bomb is both visual and sensory. It turns bath water bright blue, and I don’t think we need to tell you how calming a bath can be!

The rainbow capiz shell windchimes found in our summer box are both visually stunning and provide a gentle tinkling sound as the wind blows through them.

The essential oil roller is a custom blended scent that is specifically formulated to support those 10 and up with grief. It is an intricate and delicate scent that you can roll onto your wrists to carry you through your day.

Our winter collection brought a whole new standard of sensuous coziness to our shop, capitalizing on our need for warmth and comfort through a cold dark season. Thick blankets, hot chocolate, and a beeswax candle-making set appeal to our senses, and fill our cup with warmth and light.

What is your favourite self-care item? We'd love to hear!

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