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What do I say?! Example sympathy cards to help you find the words

One of the biggest barriers to acknowledging grief is getting over the hurdle of figuring out what to say. The pressure of saying the wrong thing, or of not being able to help no matter we say, often weighs on us until we end up scrapping the card or the gift altogether.

Speaking from the heart seems to be much easier said than done. In our busy and grief-resistant culture, taking a moment to breathe deeply and listen to what our hearts really do want to say, can bring about the inconvenient feelings of our own sadness, as well as our inability to put into words the heartache that we find.

To help you find the words that you need to love and comfort your loved ones, we have written some example notes and condolences that are based on real-life examples. You see, we have the great honour and privilege of hand-writing the beautifully written notes that are sent to us when someone purchases a sympathy gift. Before sending the package off to the intended recipient, we take your thoughtful and heartfelt words, and write them on a notecard that is included in the gift box.

Here are some ideas, based on the notes we have received, but altered for clarity, and anonymity:

"May you remain strong, courageous, and loving, just as your beloved grandfather was. May you feel his unconditional love all of your life."

"I hope that you always find joy in the little moments, like the ones you shared with grandma. She loved you so much."

"We are so sorry for your loss. We hope that you will look at this [gift] and think of all of the memories that you have shared together."

"Your aunty was such a special person, and we hope this helps you to remember her."

"We are thinking of you during this time of unimaginable loss. We love you."

"We wish you comfort and love, and want you to know that we are here shall you need us, even just to listen."

"We are so deeply sorry to hear of your sweet cat. We know how hard this is for you and we wanted to send you some love."

"Your love and the deep bond you have with him will never leave you. We are holding you and your family so close in our hearts."

"We wanted to send you some love on this difficult Mother's Day. We know how much your mom loved you, and missing her must be so hard."

"We hope this [gift] will help you with your grief, and this [gift] reminds you that her love stays with you forever."

"I love you so much. I never wanted to leave so soon, but I am in Heaven and I am safe. It's okay to be sad and to cry sometimes. Never forget that I am proud of you and I am always watching over you. When you hold this [gift], remember how much I love you!"

The messages of love and care are simple and heartfelt, and mean so much to a broken heart. We hope these words will inspire your own. If you still find it tricky, please contact us by email or on our contact form. We are happy to help.

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