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There are many times in a child's life where there is a need for connection in the absence of a loved one, such as when a sibling or caregiver is hospitalized, or family member or a friend has moved away. This box was designed to help loved ones to remain connected during difficult times or during separations, in order to validate feelings of loss, and to feel less alone.


These colourful notecards can be decorated with special messages and sent to a loved one to keep maintain connected when apart. Rainbows can be symbolic of a connection or a bridge between two worlds. Hang the crystal suncatcher in front of a sunny window and it will create beautiful rainbows. The heart shaped rose quartz pocket stone is included for grounding, courage and strength. Rose quartz is a stone of unconditional love and can help a child to feel connected to a loved one when they apart.


This gift is designed to be given to each person who is separated, in order to maintain loving connections during difficult times. This box is for the parent who is supporting their child through their medical treatment in the hospital, while leaving another child behind at home. It’s for a hospitalized child who is missing their siblings at home. For the grandparents who are missing their grandchildren in another province, state, or country, and for the child whose best friend moved away. Who are you thinking of?


Gift the box as is, or add on to it from our custom gift items. Or create a custom Thinking of you gift box of your own.

Thinking of You Gift Box

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