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A Grief Gift Resource Bundle is designed by you to meet the specific needs of your organization. Choose from the options in the slides to put together your ideal resource box, so that when a loss occurs, you and your team feel prepared to acknowledge it in a meaningful way. This bundle is meant for community organizations such as schools, daycares, hospitals, hospices, social work departments, community centres, faith institutions, and other front-facing agencies.


Grief and loss are common and normative experiences in childhood and so a resource bundle can supprt agencies, organizations and departments serving children and youth to feel confident and equipped to address childhood grief when it occurs. 


For more information about individual products, visit the product pages under the Create a Custom Gift tab.


If you find that this format does not allow you to design an ideal box for your organization, feel free to choose whichever items you need in the Create a Cusom Gift tab. Contact us by email if you need help to put together a bundle, and to get a coupon code for a bulk order.


Grief Gifts Resource Bundle


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