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Is Your Company Heart-Forward?

When my second child was born eight years ago, we received a gift basket full of exotic fruit that was bigger than she was, from the company that my husband worked for. Recognizing the birth of our child was such a kind and respectful gesture, and the fruit was incredible in those post-partum days!

Acknowledging the positive events in employees’ lives can be a normal part of company culture, but do employers recognize negative events such as loss in the same way? We’re curious to hear if companies are comfortable acknowledging ALL of the significant life events that affect their employees, or if grief somehow feels * too personal *.

We would love to work with heart-forward companies and organizations to offer custom sympathy gift boxes for families who have experienced a loss. We can put together exactly what is needed for a family who is grieving based on their individual needs.

We’d also love to hear about your experiences if you’d like to share. Does your company send a sympathy gift to an employee who has experienced a loss? Did your employer acknowledge your personal loss or was it a 3-day bereavement leave and back to work as usual? Is there a family-focused approach to sympathy gifts, or one-size-fits-all?

How can we continue to shift the culture of silence around children's grief?

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